Friday, February 22, 2008


Direction / Art Direction

This was a fun project, although I've directed many live-action TV spots and Music Videos, this was my animation directorial debut. These are the pieces I personally executed to pitch the executive producers; Tommy Lynch and Andre Benjamin. The video premiered on Cartoon Network last September.
Black Ink Pen. Color Inks, Acrylics on Copy paper
Class Of 3000 © 2008 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


bigjiminy said...

Fantastic stuff V2. I'll be honored to put you in my links which will undoubtedly drive something like 3 people a month to your blog!
You can thank me later.

Jim Valeri

eric said...

Hey Valerio! This blog is bellisimo! Did I spell that right? I miss working with you.

blackmoon said...

hey sos director artistico??que genial chee
las imagenes que tenes en tu blog son geniales :)
gracias por pasarte chee :)
q suerte si trabajaste cn tim, q maestro!

have a nice day :)


amcurtis77 said...

Hey Valerio,

The blog looks amazing! I really dig your style, but you know that already. Keep it up.

Andy Curtis

David Colman said...

Absolutely mind blowing stuff V.......not surprised but so happy you got your butt in gear and posted your the family dog stuff.....brilliant... and nice work for Beowoulf.... I will add your link soon

CHOGRIN said...

Por fin! Some new V2 work! Los colores mas vibrantes y maravillosos que he visto!



Armen said...

Awesome work brother! Nice Blog. Thanks for the link as well.

Wynne Chen said...

looks great:) Like the color, details and style

alex said...

Hey Valerio the blog looks great! Inspires me to put pen to paper. I miss working with you and Gay. Tell her I say hello.

Food and Drugs said...

One of the best blogs I have seen as far in the net, really.
I'll add your link to my top list.

Gulzar said...

great rich! so full of life...

will be back for more mate!

james ramos said...

awesome stuff Valerio!
I see you got some hits from the ol crew on here too, alex,dave, and Eric!
Good times. It was an honor to work with you, it was always inspiring.